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Sirk wins 2 Telly Awards!

16 Jun

Telly AwardWe are proud to announce that Sirk Productions was recently honored with 2 Telly Awards for excellence in video productions. These are Sirk’s 11th and 12th wins at the awards! The Tellys were awarded for the outstanding promotional work Sirk recently completed for two of their highly valued clients: Konami Gaming, Inc. and The New York Cosmos.

The Tellys, awarded in the Promotional Piece category, are a particularly gratifying honor for Sirk to receive. The awards are an affirmation of Sirk’s hard work in providing the finest in video production services to its clients. Sirk Productions always puts their clients’ needs first and works diligently to craft video marketing solutions that creatively and effectively promote their clients’ brands and messages.


Sirk Productions Creates Prep and Seal Videos

11 Jun

Royal Sovereign International, Inc recently sought out the creative expertise of Sirk Productions for the creation of an in-store and online video of their first food storage system called the Prep and Seal.  Royal Sovereign, a company that is a leading manufacturer and distributor of appliances, office products and graphic solutions, worked with Sirk Productions over the course of a few weeks on the development, creation and execution of the video for the Prep and Seal product.  After the video was completed, Royal Sovereign was so impressed with the results that they later asked Sirk Productions to create a French version of the video for their Canadian counterpart.  John Sikes, President of the Creative Services division of Sirk Productions, stated how he is, “Thrilled to start a relationship with Royal Sovereign and looks forward to future projects with the company.”  To learn more about the wide variety of work created at Sirk Productions, please visit www.sirkproductions.com.

Why Should You Choose Sirk?

10 Jun

Sirk Productions prides itself on providing specialized services in all aspects of visual media for over a decade. With a large and talented roster of producers, directors, editors and visual effects artists, Sirk has the ability to effectively guide companies through all stages of web video development. Our video products have served our customers in a variety of different fields including advertising, public relations, non-profits and education as well as in-house corporate videos.  Sirk is unique because of its diverse and talented staff as well as its carefully maintained relationships with the best in television and film. Sirk Productions offers its clients professionals with international production experience, a 3500 square-foot state-of-the-art post-production facility, and management with diverse backgrounds such as finance and public health/communications as well as solid relations with top advertising agencies and marketing consultants.  We look to promote profit growth and sustainability of our clients businesses.

Sirk is dedicated to providing clients with stimulating and relevant content, ensuring success by individually evaluating every project in terms of creativity, economic feasibility and marketing effectiveness. A number of outstanding companies have employed Sirk Services in developing internet video.

Sirk Productions also features an entertainment division that has produced critically acclaimed films and television programs.  Our experience producing original material has given us an intricate understanding of budgeting and the bottom line.  Our personal filmmaking techniques are incorporated into our clients’ projects every single time. Some of our more notable projects include the award winning film Anytown, USA, which had its national theatrical release in 2005 and international release in 2006.  Our latest feature documentary entitled “SEVERE CLEAR,” follows the journey of one marine during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  We also produce, The Inside Reel, an awarding winning nationally broadcast television program that covers the film industry from behind the scenes.

Sirk Captures “Emily Dickinson’s Garden: The Poetry of Flowers” Opening Day

3 Jun

The New York Botanical Garden brought aboard Sirk Productions to film the opening ceremony and first day of the Emily Dickinson’s Garden: The Poetry of Flowers exhibit.  The ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests including Sigourney Weaver, Mayor Bloomberg, numerous poets and others.  John Sikes, President of Sirk Productions Creative Services Division, noted that he was “very exited to continue working with the Botanical Garden by filming the opening ceremony and footage of the exhibit.”  Emily Dickinson’s Garden, which opened on Friday, April 30th, will be at the New York Botanical Garden until Sunday, June 13th.  To learn more about the variety of work created at Sirk Productions, please visit http://www.sirkproductions.com.

Wall Street Training – Online Tutorials

8 Mar

Production has wrapped on the first 147 lessons of Wall Street Systems’ online Education Class.  Shot over three weeks entirely on Green Screen at Sirk Productions, this series is designed to be the financial education resource for students around the world. “It was a pleasure working with Sirk Productions. They were able to accommodate all my video needs and delivery what I needed when I needed it.”

The timing couldn’t have been better for Wall Street Training because of the addition of Sirk’s sound proof Green Screen facility that had just gone up.  “With the way the industry is going in terms of smaller production facilities and the flexibility digital technology offers, we knew that we had to be proactive and offer our clients services that a few years back would have been cost prohibitive” say Sirk Partner Kristian Fraga.” “I’ve been moving to have a space for Green Screen production for a while.” Adds John Sikes, President of Sirk Productions Creative Services Division. “We were finishing up a long term project and the space opened up so we decided to make the move.  It’s been great and I know Wall Street Training appreciated the flexibility and comfort of working out of our office in midtown for 3 weeks.” “ I’m looking forward to our continuing work at Sirk Productions” in the upcoming months.”  For more information about Sirk’s services division and their Green Screen facilities check us out on line at http://www.sirkproductions.com or call us at 212-244-4934.

Common Health Advertising, calls in Sirk Productions!

15 Dec

When Common Health Advertising needed a production company with a quick turn around time to produce video tutorials they brought on Sirk Productions to join their team.  Common Health is the world’s biggest healthcare communications group, and is the main health marketing brand in the WPP portfolio. The agency works under an umbrella used by a collection of 13 specialist agencies operating in every field of healthcare marketing, from highly specialized professional B2B to OTC consumer health. Subsidiary units include professional marketing agencies Ferguson, Adient, Noesis, Altum and Carbon and the CommonHealth Consumer Group for direct-to-consumer advertising. “We were very happy to work with CommonHealth,  and glad that we could deliver the project when they needed it,” said Sirk Partner John L. Sikes.

New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show !

12 Dec

Get the kids! Mom and Dad, friends and family too! And get them to the New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show! Sirk Productions was there to help film the show and capture the finely crafted, elaborate cityscapes. This years’ show boasts new buildings of Pennsylvania Station and the Brooks Brothers Flagship, along with a number of favorites like the original Yankee Stadium, and the majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Take a ride on the subway, train or car and enjoy the Train Show this year. Nov 2- to Jan 10th.

Get your Tickets now !  All aboard!! Next stop!  New York Botanical Garden Website

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