For over a decade Sirk has helped our clients creatively and effectively communicate their ideas through the medium of film and video. At Sirk every client is unique and every project is different. Our job is to help shape your ideas into a solution that is right for you.

Sirk specializes in all aspects of visual media; whether you need an in house one stop shop or a company to oversee a specific part of the process. We have a talented roster of producers, directors, editors and visual effects artists that are at your disposal. Through the years we have received a number of prestigious awards but more importantly we’ve created and nurtured successful relationships with corporations large and small who keep coming back to Sirk to bring their vision to the screen.


* ADVERTISING : commercials, infomercials, branded entertainment, ethnography
* PUBLIC RELATIONS: EPKs, Trade Show Videos
* NON-PROFIT/EDUCATIONAL: Fundraising, Advocacy,Edu-tainment
* CORPORATE: Presentations, Sales Videos, Training Videos

Sirk brings a diverse skill set and competitve advantage that makes us unique in the world of film and video production. All our talent works regularly in the world of studio and independent film and television. When you hire Sirk you are getting premium talent that is behind some of entertainment industry’s most cutting edge content – from MTV to HBO to AMC. Our filmmaking experience ensures an emotional and intellectual depth to each project that will only improve the final result. This is just one of the several benefits that makes Sirk stand out from the rest. Other benefits include:

* Award winning talent.
* National and International production experience.
* 3000 square ft state of the art post production facility.
* Bi-lingual Spanish and English personnel.
* Management has a diverse background in a variety of industries including finance and public health/communications.
* Award winning experts in documentary filmmaking.
* Established relationships with top advertising agencies and marketing consultants.

It’s a quickly changing media landscape and we understand it can get confusing. Every project we work on is analyzed in terms of creativity, economic feasability and marketing effectiveness to help you navigate through potentially costly pitfalls which might derail your project. We are committed to providing you with film and video solutions that work the best for your product and your brand.

Sirk Productions Services

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