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Why Successful Companies Are Looking Towards Internet Video and How You Can (And Should) Be One Of Them

10 Jun

The media industry is currently at a crossroads in its escalating emphasis on web based media content. The business model has begun to evolve, with consumers demanding access to a wide range of multimedia content concerning virtually every type of product or service.  Large-scale increases in internet usage has made web video the premiere advertising and marketing tool.  In a world of constantly evolving media, web video is critical to staying competitive. Companies big and small have begun to recognize the benefits of web video’s ability to engage mass audiences in an extremely cost-effective manner.

For the small business, web video virtually levels the playing field in its widespread accessibility and low production costs, making web videos the perfect and often essential alternative to older forms of advertising.

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We gathered the following information to present your company with relevant, useful and concise data concerning the importance of Internet video.


Web-based Video: An Inevitability

10 Jun

There is no doubt that recent media trends reveal a move towards Internet video on the part of consumers and businesses alike and are projected only to escalate in the coming years.  The data simply does not lie. The industry is moving towards web-based video and no company can afford to be left behind.

Benefits of Web-Based Video: Profits. Productivity. Accessibility.

10 Jun

Companies who chose to focus on web-based video in 2008 and 2009 or even earlier have encountered huge success.  Regardless of business size or type, every company has the ability to use Internet video to their advantage while promoting their product, spreading their message or expanding their brand.  Branding videos such as T-Mobile’s  “Dance” and Guitar Hero’s “Bike Hero” were wildly embraced by their online video audiences.  Both with campaigns that averaged more than 150 unique placements and more than 7 million views within two months of launch.[1]

–        YouTube continues to be an advertising success story as illustrated by Ford modeling agency. The two paired up to promote Ford’s informal Internet videos featuring Ford models sharing beauty and shopping tips. The videos proved to be extremely popular, with some receiving upwards of 600,000 hits. Web sales of Ford beauty products jumped 22 percent in 2006 and are expected to jump another 25 percent in 2007.[2]

–        A report by PermissionTV, an online video platform, which surveyed 400 “senior-level decision makers” in major companies showed that two out of every three respondents indicated that online video was the primary focus of their 2009 digital marketing campaigns.  Forty percent of these respondents were considered to represent small to medium sized businesses.  Clearly, the attention and success that online video has fostered over the past couple of years has been a decisive factor in marketing strategies for a majority of businesses in the coming year.

[1] Cutler, Matt. “How to make your online video go viral.” Advertising Age 30 Mar. 2009: 42.

[2] Freedman, David H. “A digital makeover for the modeling business.” Inc. Feb. 2008: 82-86.

–        Some other results of the study further strengthened PermissionTV’s initial findings:

§       In Q2 of 2009, more than half of respondents (52%) expect to be implementing or extending an online video project, whereas currently less than one-third (32%) are doing so. [1]

§       A majority of respondents (63%) are most likely to invest in online video in the next year.18

§       When asked how online video will enhance customer engagement, a vast majority (71%) stated it would help brand awareness.18

Overall, consumers and businesses alike are simply more satisfied when it comes to online video content.  According to MarketingSherpa, a well respected marketing research company, a survey of over 1000 marketers and 1422 consumers yielded the following results concerning internet video:

[1] PermissionTV. Online video survey results: December 2008. 2008.

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