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Schramm Sports and Entertainment teams up with Sirk Productions

3 Jun

Schramm Sports and Entertainment utilized the expert work of Sirk Productions for the creation of a 30 second commercial for the upcoming Rugby Churchill Cup.  Sirk Productions took on the task of creating an original, eye-capturing commercial meant to catch the attention of viewers while also providing key facts about the event itself, including the participating teams, location of the event and dates of occurrence.  The Rugby Churchill Cup is a fast-paced, action filled event, and Sirk Productions was able to capture this energy and intensity with the graphics they infused into the 30 second commercial.  Schramm Sports looked to Sirk to deliver what they needed with a fast turn around time, and the results show how the company’s expectations were fulfilled.


Sirk Productions helps launch New York Nails new look on the scene!

8 Mar

Sirk Productions has been hired to bring to life the corporate branding and logos of New York Nails, one of the top suppliers of high end nail care products in the country.  Sirk has brought in New Media Designer Steve Alvarez and Web Developer Jack Melnick to create a high end interactive website for New York Nails, which would incorporate the motion graphics created by Sirk.  “It’s always rewarding to be working with great companies and quality products.”  Says John L. Sikes who heads the Creative Services division of the company. “ We’re excited to be working with New York Nails CEO George Bedoya and bring the unique vision he has for his company to life.” “I needed a new  look, an edgy product line, and a global outlet to get my message across in a quick, hip, and engaging way while thinking outside the box”.  Immediately I thought of Sirk Productions said President of NY Nails, George Bedoya.

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