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Sirk excels at developing projects from script to storyboard to screen; in any format from television to internet to theatrical. Sirk thrives because of it’s versatility, vision and commitment to creative excellence.

Sirk’s award winning directors, producers, visual effects artists and editors have forged powerful relationships through years of collaboration. As a result, no project suffers from the “assembly line” mentality common in the industry, where quantity not quality most often seem to matter

Sirk’s goal is to bring value to the client’s product. We do this by bringing quality, cost effectiveness and our specialized and diverse background to every project. The following are just some of of the ways Sirk has helped its clients:

  • Sirk has been able to provide all our clients a a “one stop shop” for all their mulimedia needs; making the process streamlined, efficient and fast.
  • Our bi-lingual staff has helped our clients effectively reach the increasingly important hispanic market.
  • Our clients have benefited from Sirk’s extensive background in documentary filmmaking to produce corporate and educational videos that are not only informative but entertaining.
  • We have award winning producers, directors, editors and visual effects artists that are experts in storytelling and ulilzed them to create unique commercials for our clients.
  • Our management’s extensive experience in the financial markets have helped several clients deliver their messages through video and multimedia without having to take their valuable time to explain industry concepts.
  • Our management’s extensive experience in public health and specialized education has helped several non-profit organizations improve their effectiveness through the use of video.

All of the members of Sirk Productions share a passion for the art of film and video. We invite you to benefit from our obsession!

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