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Sirk Captures “Emily Dickinson’s Garden: The Poetry of Flowers” Opening Day

3 Jun

The New York Botanical Garden brought aboard Sirk Productions to film the opening ceremony and first day of the Emily Dickinson’s Garden: The Poetry of Flowers exhibit.  The ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests including Sigourney Weaver, Mayor Bloomberg, numerous poets and others.  John Sikes, President of Sirk Productions Creative Services Division, noted that he was “very exited to continue working with the Botanical Garden by filming the opening ceremony and footage of the exhibit.”  Emily Dickinson’s Garden, which opened on Friday, April 30th, will be at the New York Botanical Garden until Sunday, June 13th.  To learn more about the variety of work created at Sirk Productions, please visit http://www.sirkproductions.com.


Sirk Productions Goes “Plant Hunting”

3 Jun

Sirk Productions was called in to help the New York Botanical Garden on their latest project known as Plant Hunters.  Sirk Productions provided the New York Botanical Garden the services they were looking for by filming interviews with botanists at the Garden along with students using the new Plant Hunters program.  Additionally, Sirk Productions was able to craft these videos specifically for the launch of the new interactive Plant Hunters website.  Plant Hunters is an online, educational resource that provides a virtual exploration of plants and the habitats they grow in.  John Sikes, President of Sirk Productions Creative Services Division, stated how, “We’re always excited to work with the Garden especially when they are reaching out to educate both adults who enjoy botany and students who are learning about plants in a fun and interesting way.”

“The real face of science can be seen in the interviews with New York Botanical Garden scientists on the Plant Hunters site. These videos, filmed by Sirk Productions, added another fun dimension to the interactive site, which kids and adults are sure to enjoy exploring together.  Sirk Productions also enabled the Garden to capture local students in the Bronx discovering the wonder of the Plant Hunters Web site as well as the diverse plant collection in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.  ” – Jamie Boyer, Ph.D., Director of Children’s Education at The New York Botanical Garden.

New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show !

12 Dec

Get the kids! Mom and Dad, friends and family too! And get them to the New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show! Sirk Productions was there to help film the show and capture the finely crafted, elaborate cityscapes. This years’ show boasts new buildings of Pennsylvania Station and the Brooks Brothers Flagship, along with a number of favorites like the original Yankee Stadium, and the majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Take a ride on the subway, train or car and enjoy the Train Show this year. Nov 2- to Jan 10th.

Get your Tickets now !  All aboard!! Next stop!  New York Botanical Garden Website

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