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Tweezerman Calls In Sirk Productions for Latest Project

3 Jun

Tweezerman and Sirk Productions have teamed up again on a new and exciting project.  Sirk has previously created pristine videos for Tweezerman that showcase the company’s unique and high end beauty tools.  On their latest engagement, Tweezerman utilized Sirk Productions to create a versatile 3D model of one of their newest products known as “Sole Mates.” Additionally, Sirk was able to produce tutorials introducing this and other new products created by the company.  John Sikes, President of the Creative Services division of Sirk Productions, stated how everyone at Sirk is, “Excited to work with Tweezerman and continues to look forward to new tasks that will ultimately help Tweezerman display their products in a clear and focused manner.”


Tweezerman Eyes, Brows, Manicure & Pedicure Videos

8 Dec

If you’re looking to find the right tool for right the job to fix your brows, eyes or getting a home manicure or pedicure, then look no further.  That’s what Tweezerman (The Beauty Tools Experts) did when they were looking for a video production company to produce their online videos. The world class beauty experts and beauty tool design company needed videos that would showcase their unique and high end beauty tools, and turned to Sirk Productions to come up with a clean and pristine look that shows how to use their tools to get the best results.  Every woman deserves the best tools and the beauty expertise to make their lives more beautiful, find out how to make your life a bit more beautiful.  Click here go to Tweezerman.

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