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Sirk Updates Video for George Washington Bridge’s 80th Anniversary

28 Oct

George Washington Bridge 80th Anniversary video

Sirk Productions recently updated a video commemorating the 80th anniversary of the George Washington Bridge for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.  Connecting Fort Lee, New Jersey to the island of Manhattan, the George Washington Bridge sends over 52 million vehicles a year into New York City. As Sirk was founded in the great state of New Jersey  and now finds its home in Manhattan, it has been a particular privilege to celebrate the bridge that connects Sirk Productions’ past and present.

Looking toward the future, Sirk Productions is in talks with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s Principal Marketing Analyst Russell Jordan about the next video for the bridge’s 85th anniversary.

Check out the video and lots of other great information on the George Washington Bridge on the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s website:


Web-Based Video: Why Is Everyone Doing It?

10 Jun

The utilization of web video has manifested itself in almost all sectors of industry with companies benefiting from the relatively low production cost and high volume of Internet traffic.  Regardless of your specific industry Internet video has proven to be a critical component of any marketing strategy in today’s economy.

How Large Companies Are Ensuring Security with Online Video

10 Jun

Big brands have realized the power of video for years and have utilized web video in order to enhance brand techniques and bring further consumer awareness of their product.

Larger brands have been experimenting with product driven series, such as Holiday Inn Express’ “Smart Show” and Southern Comfort’s music show, “Music Nights Presented by Soco” with MyDamnChannel.[1] Many large and successful companies have risen to the occasion and have shown their ability to evolve in the changing media market by utilizing new technology, such as web video, to their advantage.

The Zagat Guide, founded by Tim and Nina Zagat thirty years ago, continues to be enormously successful with the creation of in 1999. [2] Continuing their tradition of being ahead of the times, the subscription-based site now includes web video content, as well as traditional user-based content.  There are virtually limitless examples of how web video has improved branding for large corporations by creatively spurring interest of Internet users through web video.

In the case of companies such as Dove and its “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which combines traditional billboard and television advertising with a series of web films in order to change the perceptions women have about beauty ideals and Gatorade’s video campaign entitled “Mission G,” brought a never before seen, self-described combination of sports video entertainment and social networking, internet video has been taken to its absolute heights, resulting in media campaigns that have spurred activism and attracted widespread interest.

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Growth, Profit and Sustainability: How Small Businesses are Taking Advantage of Video and What You Need to Know!

10 Jun

Following the successful business model introduced by larger companies, small businesses have gravitated towards the use of internet video as a medium to attract consumers.  Internet videos have proven to be critical to small businesses in their efforts to stay competitive.  Smaller companies have experienced success by producing engaging video content with mass appeal to the Internet audience, allowing them to circumvent larger businesses’ ability to excel in more traditional forms of advertising due to economic inequalities.  Web video presents smaller businesses with ways to brand that they would otherwise not have access to.

Adagio Tea is launching a weekly web series concerning its variety of tea blends, creatively spurring interest among tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers alike as well as strengthening its brand.2 Even the smallest of businesses have been extremely successful in marketing their brand to consumers through the Internet.

Ace of Hearts BBQ Specialties in Kansas City receives calls from across the world praising their video-powered website that features a cowboy giving explanations and advice creating the illusion that the viewer is actually in the store.[1] This web content gives authenticity and personality to their product; something that people in far away places would otherwise not experience.  Examples of praises such as these given to small businesses who provide internet video is evidence of how web video can give any small product or service a competitive edge. Another example of this can be found in the real estate sector.  Real estate companies have improved the perceived value of a home by 6% just by using online video.  In this instance, the use of online video resulted in significant increases in profit margins-which is always a good thing.[2]

Internet video has also proven to be a successful springboard for initial investment as well.  Arin Crumley and Susan Buice documented their frustrations via webcast over their failure to get distribution for their movie, “Four Eyed Monsters.” After gaining a fan base, these web videos’ fan support led to the showing of the film in six cities.2 Regardless of the nature of the business, small business owners are learning everyday that Internet video has the power to heighten any product or service.

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Video Blogs and Your Business: Taking User-Generated Content One Step Further

10 Jun

There is no doubt that the advent of blogging has generated personal and professional opportunities for countless numbers of Internet users.  Bloggers have utilized free web space and attracted audiences of all sizes by discussing and featuring content concerning virtually any topic imaginable.  Blogs alone have propelled many otherwise anonymous individuals into celebrity, along with the notoriety and success that comes with it.  Individuals such as Perez Hilton, Arianna Huffington and many more owe their careers to the influence of blogging.   Wine enthusiast Gary Vaynerchuk has transformed his business and expanded his brand through his 25-minute daily video blog where he discusses his passion for wine.[1] His online videos reach an audience of 80,000 people every day transforming the local liquor storeowner into an internet celebrity.6 With his Internet blog, Vaynerchuk hoped to spur more interest in wine in the under 35 demographic.  What resulted was the transformation of a small liquor store into a 50 million dollar business!6 Some cutting edge video game companies have also extended their tech savvy into the video blogging realm, an example of this being the video game Battlefield Bad Company from DICE. DICE has published a web series featuring Battlefield characters in action, much like what occurs on the video game itself.  Including an element of video blogging into your companies marketing plan will contribute to the personalization of the product, as well as increase its accessibility to virtually all audiences.

[1] Daria, Meoli. “Wine online: how a new jersey liquor store owner became an internet celebrity and grew a $50 million dollar business.” The New York Enterprise Report May 2009.

Internet Video: The New Television/Movie Theater?

10 Jun

There has also been a consumer trend in the entertainment industry where internet users in increasing numbers have deferred to web-video to be entertained rather than traditional media outlets such as television and the movie theater., which is owned by NBC Universal and Fox, offers free television content online.[1] While YouTube recently signed a deal with Disney to start distributing its content from ABC and ESPN online as well.[2] These moves by major television and movie distributors seem to be reflective of the times.  Emarketer identifies a 20.3 percent increase in average minutes per day spent on television websites in March 2007 when compared to 2006.1 These online television viewing websites create a host of advertising opportunities for television producers and hope to mitigate the profit-damaging effect of pirated television content that can be found on the web today.

The above tables indicate both an increase in reliance on online video for entertainment on the part of consumers, as well as the varied success of brands in their pursuit of strong internet audiences.  Internet video has also provided an opportunity for the coming together of small and large studios as evidenced by the recent deal between NBC Universal and the smaller video web shop 60 FramesNBC Universal has agreed to pitch original web shows created by 60 Frames to its advertisers.  The deal is mutually beneficial, with 60 Frames benefiting from the potential backing of NBC’s advertisers and NBC benefiting from lower production costs and minimized risk.[3] The entertainment industry is a vastly different arena than it was even just last year.  Keeping up with advances in internet technology has been the only way that entertainment companies have kept themselves in business.

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Medical Training and Awareness: It’s All Better When It’s Interactive

10 Jun

The medical industry has increasingly begun to realize the importance of Internet video in medical training, administration and public awareness.  An indicator of the increasingly important role that internet video plays in the medical industry is the success of online medical resource, which provides the public with an extensive and interactive database of medical information. WebMD’s extensive use of internet video has elevated patient understanding and awareness of medical issues.  Sirk Productions has had experience in producing videos for public awareness, with recent work for New York Presbyterian Hospital.  The Hospital funded a smoking cessation campaign that encouraged healthcare providers to incorporate tobacco prevention into their routine discussion with their patients. The results of the use of web-based video in the campaign, which included teaching doctors strategies to convince patients to quit, proved positive.  With only 25% percent of pre-training respondents saying that they had received formal smoking cessation training, the results of the training is evidence to the effectiveness of instructional videos.

Other significant surveys revealed success in their utilization of internet video as an educational tool.  A study conducted at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine identified that the use of web-based video clips in the education of physical examination skills of first year medical students yielded higher levels of competency and diminished poor performance rates on physical education exams.[1] Additionally, a study done at Stanford University School of Medicine indicated that a web-based video utilized for Emergency Room Orientation saved an average of 60 faculty hours and $7500 a year by decreasing the need for in faculty-lead emergency room tours.[2]

[1] Orientale, Eugene, Lynn Kosowicz, Anton Alerte, Pfeiffer Carol, Karen Harrington, Jane Palley, Stacey Brown, and Teresa Sapieha-Yanchak. “Using web-based video to enhance physical examination skills in medical students.” Medical Student Education 40 (2008): 471-76.

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Results of Smoking Cessation Training

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