About Sirk

Since 1997 Sirk Productions has provided our clients with creative and effective mulimedia solutions. Our award winning management team and roster of producers, directors, editors and visual effects artists have helped our clients turn their ideas into realities. Clients such as Verizon, The United Nations, AMC, GBX and Schramm Sports and Entertainment have been utilizing Sirk’s creativity for their media needs such as commercial spots, corporate videos and editing.

With a combination of top notch talent and state-of-the art equipment every project gets the attention it deserves. It is Sirk’s goal to offer a fresh perspective, an invaluable asset in a constantly changing industry. This has resulted in satisfied clients and multiple Telly, Videography and Communicator Awards.

All our talent works regularly in the world of studio and independent film and television. In fact, Sirk is an award winning producer of content that is regularly seen on television, movie theaters and the internet. When you hire Sirk you are getting premium talent that is behind some of entertainment industry’s most cutting edge content – from MTV to HBO to AMC. Our filmmaking experience ensures an emotional and intellectual depth to each project that will only improve the final result.

Our state of the art facility is located in mid-town Manhattan and offers a comfortable environment for our clients and personnel to work creatively.

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