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17 Nov

In 2008 Sirk Productions Creative Services division worked with Rethink Autism, helping build their production and postproduction facility as well as secured a qualified staff to meet their needs. A year later they have been reaching parents and becoming a tremendous resource.

“We were excited to work with an organization that looked to make a positive impact on those affected by Autism disorders,” said John L. Sikes. President of Creative Services.

Rethinks Autism offers parents and professionals immediate access to effective and affordable Applied Behavior Analysis-based treatment tools for the growing population affected by autism spectrum disorders.

You can see the story covered by ABC news with the following link

Watch: ABC Story

and learn more about Rethink Autism

Rethink Autism Website


Rethink Autism and Sirk

12 Jun

Sirk Productions was pleased to become a part of Rethink Autism’s new ground breaking educational/intervention initiative! As primary production consultants, Sirk’s team shared their years of production expertise to assist the development of Rethink’s new production and post-production studio. Working with Rethink’s Franco Barbeite, Sirk partner John Sikes utilized his knowledge of Public Health and production to help Rethink Autism begin building a media bridge between video technology and an accessible educational intervention. Beyond the logistics of designing, equipping and staffing the group’s studio, Sirk will be providing ongoing support as Rethink Autism continues their work.

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