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Web-based Video: An Inevitability

10 Jun

There is no doubt that recent media trends reveal a move towards Internet video on the part of consumers and businesses alike and are projected only to escalate in the coming years.  The data simply does not lie. The industry is moving towards web-based video and no company can afford to be left behind.


Growth, Profit and Sustainability: How Small Businesses are Taking Advantage of Video and What You Need to Know!

10 Jun

Following the successful business model introduced by larger companies, small businesses have gravitated towards the use of internet video as a medium to attract consumers.  Internet videos have proven to be critical to small businesses in their efforts to stay competitive.  Smaller companies have experienced success by producing engaging video content with mass appeal to the Internet audience, allowing them to circumvent larger businesses’ ability to excel in more traditional forms of advertising due to economic inequalities.  Web video presents smaller businesses with ways to brand that they would otherwise not have access to.

Adagio Tea is launching a weekly web series concerning its variety of tea blends, creatively spurring interest among tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers alike as well as strengthening its brand.2 Even the smallest of businesses have been extremely successful in marketing their brand to consumers through the Internet.

Ace of Hearts BBQ Specialties in Kansas City receives calls from across the world praising their video-powered website that features a cowboy giving explanations and advice creating the illusion that the viewer is actually in the store.[1] This web content gives authenticity and personality to their product; something that people in far away places would otherwise not experience.  Examples of praises such as these given to small businesses who provide internet video is evidence of how web video can give any small product or service a competitive edge. Another example of this can be found in the real estate sector.  Real estate companies have improved the perceived value of a home by 6% just by using online video.  In this instance, the use of online video resulted in significant increases in profit margins-which is always a good thing.[2]

Internet video has also proven to be a successful springboard for initial investment as well.  Arin Crumley and Susan Buice documented their frustrations via webcast over their failure to get distribution for their movie, “Four Eyed Monsters.” After gaining a fan base, these web videos’ fan support led to the showing of the film in six cities.2 Regardless of the nature of the business, small business owners are learning everyday that Internet video has the power to heighten any product or service.

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The Automotive Industry: Using Internet Video to Truly Make Cars Go Vroom!

10 Jun

The automotive industry, whose websites generally combine appealing product images with additional information to reel in customers, is heavily involved in the use of Internet video.  Internet video has become a critical ingredient in the success of both car companies and dealerships.   Auto trader estimates that nearly a quarter of automotive dealers are now using video on their websites to promote their automobiles.[1] According to CarGurus, potential car buyers spend substantially more time viewing Internet video and images than examining other car specifications, increasing the importance of automotive dealers to display video content that truly pops.[2] Those in the automotive industry simply cannot afford to exclude visually appealing website content that oftentimes is the deciding factor in the purchase of an automobile.   Suzuki Motor Corp, Porsche (which launches three to six product-specific sites a year that include heavy use of internet video) and BMW (who produced a series of short films featuring top Hollywood stars) utilize internet video, which Porsche VP of Marketing, David Pryor, believes allows for an “emotional connection with our consumers.” (2) There seems to truly be no better alternative to television commercials than Internet video when attempting to display the true speed, shape and size of an automobile.

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