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Inside Reel Hollywood Reporter Review

12 Jun

“The Inside Reel: Digital Filmmaking”

Probably no less significant than the advent of movements in literature and the visual arts, the advent of digital filmmaking requires a reconsideration, even a re-evaluation, of what filmmaking is now and will be in the future. It’s an exciting subject to think about, and this one-hour documentary that looks closely at the process is no slouch in telling us what’s doing. It’s an insightful, even thrilling view.

“The Inside Reel” looks at who is making digital films (almost everyone and anyone with a digital camera and a PC with desktop capabilities).

As with any new technology, digital filmmaking brings inherent woes to the artform (which it is still called) of filmmaking. Well know directors, producers and all-around experts wax on the possible problems.   Will digital editing wipe out the need for film school per se, as some novices believe, and leave us with lots of mediocre “films” (already arguable)? Or is filmmaking now an open field as in no other time during the past century?

Contemplations galore, along wit serious considerations of filmmaking, make this docu a must-see for anyone loves movies.

By Marilyn Ross

The Hollywood Reporter

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