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Sirk wins 2 Telly Awards!

16 Jun

Telly AwardWe are proud to announce that Sirk Productions was recently honored with 2 Telly Awards for excellence in video productions. These are Sirk’s 11th and 12th wins at the awards! The Tellys were awarded for the outstanding promotional work Sirk recently completed for two of their highly valued clients: Konami Gaming, Inc. and The New York Cosmos.

The Tellys, awarded in the Promotional Piece category, are a particularly gratifying honor for Sirk to receive. The awards are an affirmation of Sirk’s hard work in providing the finest in video production services to its clients. Sirk Productions always puts their clients’ needs first and works diligently to craft video marketing solutions that creatively and effectively promote their clients’ brands and messages.


Telemundo 47 NY debuts late-night show “Tu Nite con Lorenzo Parro”

5 Mar

Sirk Productions is proud to present a new late-night show, Tu Nite con Lorenzo Parro, making its premiere on New York’s Telemundo 47 on Saturday night, March 5 at 1am.

 Comedian and professional clown Lorenzo Parro hosts the fast-paced program, featuring celebrity guests, live musical performances and fresh comedy sketches.

The March 5th premiere includes actor and comedian Paul Rodríguez (Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore), star player of the New York Red Bulls Rafa Márquez and acclaimed singer-songwriter Ximena Sarinana as the evening’s musical guest.  The March 12 lineup includes Academy Award® nominee Rosie Perez and Colombian stand-up comedian Andrew Kennedy. Former lead of La Ley, the Grammy® Award winning rock band, Beto Cuevas is the evening’s musical guest.

“We created Tu Nite to showcase top Latino talent through the excitement of a late-night format. We know there’s an eager audience for these guests, for this comedy and for our honest take on Latino life in the U.S.,” says Parro.

Sirk Productions’ John Sikes and Marc Perez serve as producers; Lorenzo Parro, Campbell McLaren, Adolfo Velásquez, Federico Mejer and Roberto Alcázar serve as executive producers for the series.  Tu Nite con Lorenzo Parro is produced for Telemundo by Bordinni Brothers Productions, EO Integration, Cornelia Street Productions and Sirk Productions.

SEVERE CLEAR released in United Kingdom as “This is War”

13 Oct






Visit the Severe Clear Website


27 Sep

SIRKtv launches the Fall 2010 season with new episodes of THE INSIDE REEL MOVING PICTURES LIVE!, CLOSETTOUR, FEARLESS MUSIC and a exclusive 10 minute preview of Sirk’s latest feature film, SEVERE CLEAR.  This month – Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Edie Falco, Milla Jovovich, Jonah Hill, NY Fashion Week Preview, Shiny Toy Guns and much more…

Last year Sirk purchased the Zilo College Television Network, the #1 campus dorm room network; reaching 5.6 million subscribers nationwide. Since 2000 the network has helped companies like Fox, Viacom, NBC, Conde Nast, Fujifilm, HBO, A&E Networks and Rolling Stone Magazine reach the valuable 18-24 college audience. Rebranded as SIRKtv we now broadcast award winning first-run syndicated television and film programming to college television stations across the nation.

Sirk Productions Goes “Plant Hunting”

3 Jun

Sirk Productions was called in to help the New York Botanical Garden on their latest project known as Plant Hunters.  Sirk Productions provided the New York Botanical Garden the services they were looking for by filming interviews with botanists at the Garden along with students using the new Plant Hunters program.  Additionally, Sirk Productions was able to craft these videos specifically for the launch of the new interactive Plant Hunters website.  Plant Hunters is an online, educational resource that provides a virtual exploration of plants and the habitats they grow in.  John Sikes, President of Sirk Productions Creative Services Division, stated how, “We’re always excited to work with the Garden especially when they are reaching out to educate both adults who enjoy botany and students who are learning about plants in a fun and interesting way.”

“The real face of science can be seen in the interviews with New York Botanical Garden scientists on the Plant Hunters site. These videos, filmed by Sirk Productions, added another fun dimension to the interactive site, which kids and adults are sure to enjoy exploring together.  Sirk Productions also enabled the Garden to capture local students in the Bronx discovering the wonder of the Plant Hunters Web site as well as the diverse plant collection in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.  ” – Jamie Boyer, Ph.D., Director of Children’s Education at The New York Botanical Garden.

Sirk Productions helps launch New York Nails new look on the scene!

8 Mar

Sirk Productions has been hired to bring to life the corporate branding and logos of New York Nails, one of the top suppliers of high end nail care products in the country.  Sirk has brought in New Media Designer Steve Alvarez and Web Developer Jack Melnick to create a high end interactive website for New York Nails, which would incorporate the motion graphics created by Sirk.  “It’s always rewarding to be working with great companies and quality products.”  Says John L. Sikes who heads the Creative Services division of the company. “ We’re excited to be working with New York Nails CEO George Bedoya and bring the unique vision he has for his company to life.” “I needed a new  look, an edgy product line, and a global outlet to get my message across in a quick, hip, and engaging way while thinking outside the box”.  Immediately I thought of Sirk Productions said President of NY Nails, George Bedoya.

Wall Street Training – Online Tutorials

8 Mar

Production has wrapped on the first 147 lessons of Wall Street Systems’ online Education Class.  Shot over three weeks entirely on Green Screen at Sirk Productions, this series is designed to be the financial education resource for students around the world. “It was a pleasure working with Sirk Productions. They were able to accommodate all my video needs and delivery what I needed when I needed it.”

The timing couldn’t have been better for Wall Street Training because of the addition of Sirk’s sound proof Green Screen facility that had just gone up.  “With the way the industry is going in terms of smaller production facilities and the flexibility digital technology offers, we knew that we had to be proactive and offer our clients services that a few years back would have been cost prohibitive” say Sirk Partner Kristian Fraga.” “I’ve been moving to have a space for Green Screen production for a while.” Adds John Sikes, President of Sirk Productions Creative Services Division. “We were finishing up a long term project and the space opened up so we decided to make the move.  It’s been great and I know Wall Street Training appreciated the flexibility and comfort of working out of our office in midtown for 3 weeks.” “ I’m looking forward to our continuing work at Sirk Productions” in the upcoming months.”  For more information about Sirk’s services division and their Green Screen facilities check us out on line at http://www.sirkproductions.com or call us at 212-244-4934.

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