Video Blogs and Your Business: Taking User-Generated Content One Step Further

10 Jun

There is no doubt that the advent of blogging has generated personal and professional opportunities for countless numbers of Internet users.  Bloggers have utilized free web space and attracted audiences of all sizes by discussing and featuring content concerning virtually any topic imaginable.  Blogs alone have propelled many otherwise anonymous individuals into celebrity, along with the notoriety and success that comes with it.  Individuals such as Perez Hilton, Arianna Huffington and many more owe their careers to the influence of blogging.   Wine enthusiast Gary Vaynerchuk has transformed his business and expanded his brand through his 25-minute daily video blog where he discusses his passion for wine.[1] His online videos reach an audience of 80,000 people every day transforming the local liquor storeowner into an internet celebrity.6 With his Internet blog, Vaynerchuk hoped to spur more interest in wine in the under 35 demographic.  What resulted was the transformation of a small liquor store into a 50 million dollar business!6 Some cutting edge video game companies have also extended their tech savvy into the video blogging realm, an example of this being the video game Battlefield Bad Company from DICE. DICE has published a web series featuring Battlefield characters in action, much like what occurs on the video game itself.  Including an element of video blogging into your companies marketing plan will contribute to the personalization of the product, as well as increase its accessibility to virtually all audiences.

[1] Daria, Meoli. “Wine online: how a new jersey liquor store owner became an internet celebrity and grew a $50 million dollar business.” The New York Enterprise Report May 2009.


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