Museums: Combing Old and New Artistry to Reach the Masses

10 Jun

Museums have also been exploring ways to allow some of their vast inventories of paintings, artifacts and sculptures to be available to the public through online video.  A particularly popular venue for this has been YouTube, where several museums around the country have their own channels on the video hosting site.  Highly renowned museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian and the Exploratorium in San Francisco are using YouTube in unique ways to attract visitors and attention to their exhibits and projects.  For example, The Museum of Modern Art has several different uses for its YouTube channel, including both commercial-like advertising video as well as exploring special featured exhibits and trailers for MoMA movies that are currently in production.  YouTube users can submit feedback in response to the content provided by the museum, creating a unique dialogue between time-honored institutions and their aficionados.  Other museums utilizing web video independently:

  • The Portland Art Museum is also following this trend independently and plans to release a video series featuring permanent collections at the museum.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago features podcasts and video on it’s website, documenting anything from the installation of a new piece at the museum to artist talks.
  • The High Museum of Art Atlanta featured web series on the art and history of China coinciding with the Beijing Olympics, along with other projects. 
  • The Museum Victoria in Australia featured a live dissection of a giant squid on its website.

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