Medical Training and Awareness: It’s All Better When It’s Interactive

10 Jun

The medical industry has increasingly begun to realize the importance of Internet video in medical training, administration and public awareness.  An indicator of the increasingly important role that internet video plays in the medical industry is the success of online medical resource, which provides the public with an extensive and interactive database of medical information. WebMD’s extensive use of internet video has elevated patient understanding and awareness of medical issues.  Sirk Productions has had experience in producing videos for public awareness, with recent work for New York Presbyterian Hospital.  The Hospital funded a smoking cessation campaign that encouraged healthcare providers to incorporate tobacco prevention into their routine discussion with their patients. The results of the use of web-based video in the campaign, which included teaching doctors strategies to convince patients to quit, proved positive.  With only 25% percent of pre-training respondents saying that they had received formal smoking cessation training, the results of the training is evidence to the effectiveness of instructional videos.

Other significant surveys revealed success in their utilization of internet video as an educational tool.  A study conducted at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine identified that the use of web-based video clips in the education of physical examination skills of first year medical students yielded higher levels of competency and diminished poor performance rates on physical education exams.[1] Additionally, a study done at Stanford University School of Medicine indicated that a web-based video utilized for Emergency Room Orientation saved an average of 60 faculty hours and $7500 a year by decreasing the need for in faculty-lead emergency room tours.[2]

[1] Orientale, Eugene, Lynn Kosowicz, Anton Alerte, Pfeiffer Carol, Karen Harrington, Jane Palley, Stacey Brown, and Teresa Sapieha-Yanchak. “Using web-based video to enhance physical examination skills in medical students.” Medical Student Education 40 (2008): 471-76.

[2] Mahadevan, Swaminatha V., Michael A. Gisondi, Shannon S. Sovndal, and Gregory H. Gilbert. “Emergency department orientation utilizing web-based streaming video.” Academic Emergency Medicine 11 (2004): 848-52.

Results of Smoking Cessation Training


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