How Large Companies Are Ensuring Security with Online Video

10 Jun

Big brands have realized the power of video for years and have utilized web video in order to enhance brand techniques and bring further consumer awareness of their product.

Larger brands have been experimenting with product driven series, such as Holiday Inn Express’ “Smart Show” and Southern Comfort’s music show, “Music Nights Presented by Soco” with MyDamnChannel.[1] Many large and successful companies have risen to the occasion and have shown their ability to evolve in the changing media market by utilizing new technology, such as web video, to their advantage.

The Zagat Guide, founded by Tim and Nina Zagat thirty years ago, continues to be enormously successful with the creation of in 1999. [2] Continuing their tradition of being ahead of the times, the subscription-based site now includes web video content, as well as traditional user-based content.  There are virtually limitless examples of how web video has improved branding for large corporations by creatively spurring interest of Internet users through web video.

In the case of companies such as Dove and its “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which combines traditional billboard and television advertising with a series of web films in order to change the perceptions women have about beauty ideals and Gatorade’s video campaign entitled “Mission G,” brought a never before seen, self-described combination of sports video entertainment and social networking, internet video has been taken to its absolute heights, resulting in media campaigns that have spurred activism and attracted widespread interest.

[1] Meoli, D (2009,March). Guide guy: a good meal and ten glasses of wine provided inspiration for accidental entrepreneur tim zagat. The New York Enterprise Report , 23-27

[2] Whitney, D (2008, Jan 5 ). Investment tip for ’09: branded video; web shows created by brands keep consumers coming back. Television Week , 28(1), 4.


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