Wall Street Training – Online Tutorials

8 Mar

Production has wrapped on the first 147 lessons of Wall Street Systems’ online Education Class.  Shot over three weeks entirely on Green Screen at Sirk Productions, this series is designed to be the financial education resource for students around the world. “It was a pleasure working with Sirk Productions. They were able to accommodate all my video needs and delivery what I needed when I needed it.”

The timing couldn’t have been better for Wall Street Training because of the addition of Sirk’s sound proof Green Screen facility that had just gone up.  “With the way the industry is going in terms of smaller production facilities and the flexibility digital technology offers, we knew that we had to be proactive and offer our clients services that a few years back would have been cost prohibitive” say Sirk Partner Kristian Fraga.” “I’ve been moving to have a space for Green Screen production for a while.” Adds John Sikes, President of Sirk Productions Creative Services Division. “We were finishing up a long term project and the space opened up so we decided to make the move.  It’s been great and I know Wall Street Training appreciated the flexibility and comfort of working out of our office in midtown for 3 weeks.” “ I’m looking forward to our continuing work at Sirk Productions” in the upcoming months.”  For more information about Sirk’s services division and their Green Screen facilities check us out on line at http://www.sirkproductions.com or call us at 212-244-4934.


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