Neuberger Museum of Art: 35 years in the Making

11 Dec

The Neuberger Museum of Art celebrated its 35th anniversary this year.  To make sure the Museum was able to capture its history, essence and its plans for the future in a video, they enlisted the services of Sirk Productions.  “It was really interesting to talk with so many well known Art Historians, teachers, and people in the Art World and learn about the Museum, how it came about, it’s close ties with the University, and Nelson Rockefeller as well as learn about Mr. Roy R. Neuberger’s life and his passion for collecting Art”, said Director/Producer John L. Sikes.

The Neuberger Museum of Art is the premier museum of modern, contemporary, and African art in Westchester and Fairfield Counties and display pieces by a number of Artists from Jackson Pollack to Marsden Hartley and Edward Hopper and more.

A teaching museum, the Neuberger promotes the appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts as inseparable from an understanding of their place in cultural and intellectual history and their relevance to contemporary social life.

To see all the works the Neuberger Museum of Art has to offer, visit it on the SUNY Purchase college campus and share in the experiences and ideas that a great Museum and great Art has to offer. (click here)


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